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Updated list of non-conflicting Patches (I have installed), and Patches conflicting with or being an alternative to them (which I have looked at, so far), for SFOS with Patchmanager 2.3.3-10.41.1 (original post #2251 was for SFOS with Patchmanager 2.3.1-10.39.1).

Format: - <Patch name> <my rating>, <Patch author>, <Source: wc (Patchmanager2's web catalog) | RPM (e.g. via Storeman)> [, <alt (alternative) | cts (contains) | "cts" (contains similar or same functionality) | cnf (just conflicts)>: <Patch name> <my rating>, <Patch author>, <wc | RPM>]

"My rating" resolves as follows:
- (+): Nice to have
- (++): Very good
- (+++): IMO a must
No "rating" indicates, that I have not used this Patch long enough to rate it.

Patches listed as an alternative (alt) to and / or contained (cts / "cts") in a Patch implicitly conflict with it (i.e. they cannot be applied together in Patchmanager, as they are patching the same locations of the SFOS UI).

- Refresh browser cover (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Right-handed tabs (++), Markkyboy, RPM
- Add more calendars (++), Schturman, RPM
- Led missed calendar events (+), Schturman, RPM
- Don't start/end events at midnight (++), Luen, wc
- Camera overlay & bezel setting (+), Schturman, RPM
- Flip front camera view (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Auto snooze & snooze interval (++), Schturman, RPM
- Clock in alarms (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Separate alarm flipover (++), Ancelad, wc
- Gallery Image Zoom (++), Ancelad, wc
- Add new folder icons (+++), Schturman, RPM,
alt: Launcher combined patch, coderus, RPM
- Don't freeze app on peek (+), cornerman, RPM
- Don't steal focus (++), cornerman, RPM
- Event screen date & text (+++), Schturman, RPM
- Eventsview control (++), Ancelad, RPM,
cnf: Quick settings on power menu (++), alina, RPM
- Force cover size (+), Eugenio, RPM
- Free Rotate for Phone (+++), alina, RPM,
alt: Allow any rotation (+++), coderus, wc
- Improved notification preview (++), Ingvx, RPM
- Lockscreen pulley at home (++), cornerman, RPM
- Switcher click hints Launcher (++), cornerman, RPM
- Ultimate statusbar patch (+++), Ancelad, RPM,
alt/cts: Show all indicators on lockscreen (++), alina, RPM,
alt/"cts": Statusbar background, toxip, wc
- Volume control settings (++), alina, RPM
- Add more shortcuts into lockscreen pulley (+), Ancelad, wc
- Lockscreen analog clock (+++; analog clock is optional!), Ancelad, wc,
cts: Show weather on lockscreen (+++) , Ancelad, RPM,
"cts": Seconds on Lockscreen clock (++), Markkyboy, RPM,
cts: Fix landscape lockscreen clock, Ancelad, RPM
- Devicelock faith text (++), Ancelad, wc,
alt/"cts": No notification preview, alina, RPM
- Disable volume warning (+++), Ancelad, RPM
- Enhanced Power Menu (+++), Ancelad, RPM,
alt: Quick settings on power menu (++), alina, RPM
- Notifications count in Switcher (++), coderus, wc
- Extended mediaplayer cover (+), Ancelad, RPM
- Messages layout (+++), alina, RPM
- Autocapitalization settings (+++), alina, RPM
- Bigger marker tag (+), Markkyboy, RPM
- Notes app cover (+), alina, RPM
- Remove space before punctuations (+), alina, RPM
- Voicecall combined patch (+++), Ancelad, wc,
alt/cts: Better CallLog.Alternative version (++), virgi-26, RPM
- BT timer (+), Schturman, RPM
- Custom hostname (++), Schturman, RPM
- Settings cover (+), alina, RPM
- Shutdown screen (+), Schturman, RPM
- Unapply all patches (+), Schturman, RPM
- Unapply all patches on Upgrade (stated to be not affected by Patchmanager issue #21, see post #2276), coderus, built-in
- Display sneak peek (LPM) (+), coderus, wc
- Return old remorse item animation (+), Ancelad, RPM
- Return old remorse popup animation (+), Ancelad, RPM
- Combined pulley menu (++), Ancelad, wc,
alt: Return old pulley menu (+), Ancelad, wc
- Remorse timeout control (++), Ancelad, wc

And if you like to disable these functions:
- No automatic launcher hint, cornerman, RPM
- Less home animations, cornerman, RPM

... or add this functionality:
- MazeLock, coderus, wc,
alt: Scramble lockpad buttons, coderus, wc

Unfortunately, this Patch is not (yet) compatible with SFOS (while working well under previous SFOS releases):
- GPS supplier (++; solely for Jolla 1 phones!), Schturman, RPM

P.S.: As YMMV (just as everybody's, including mine over time), please refrain from criticising my preferences (WRT chosen functionalities) or my (certainly) subjective "ratings".

And still, any suggestions to enhance this list are welcome.

P.S.: See updated list of Patches for SailfishOS in post #2340.

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