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As promised, below is the photos of my extreme simplistic, no-hassle, solder free dual batteries mod . I just connect the 4 pins using two solder wire (no soldering), so it is very easy and everyone can do it. Some one may think it a little fragile but it works for me .
BTW, AFAIK, if we use USB charge then the max current would be only 500 mA, so the wire will only tolerate 250mA, which I think is quite ok for them, and I always charge using the USB port :-)

Top view, the two wires are soldering wires (Note: I use a nail cutter/trimmer to create two tunnels on top of the bottom battery near the pins out , so that the wires would fit in and not extruding out

Bottom up view, even with these wires, the batteries fit in the phone perfectly:

Top down view of the two batteries:

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