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Hi, everyone

there are so many scripts concerning battery life, speed, transitions and all seem to have their ups and downs.....

I really would appreciate it if a comparison could be made and which is the safest to use.....

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If you could list a few scripts and their locations or discussion threads somebody might be able to comment on them... plus "safest" highly depends on your technical background that you haven't described yet.
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You have to try all of them with ur own device, cuz every device is different in case of OC
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scripts or patches which i have tested batterypatch for kp, speedpatch, transitions are all were working fine for me. safest among these all are transitions. you dont have to do anything download filebox or any other file explorer. navigate to transitions directory and replace transitions.ini file with custom transition file which you have downloaded. and you are good to go. see as easy as abc.

battery patch also does its work as it says. saves battery pretty well. and speedpatch also speed's up system but it contains one bug. when you boot from nitdroid to maemo, screen just remains black until you switch it off manually and restart your device.

good luck.
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n9 or n900?
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none, none scripts. They are juju horseshit.
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