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A lot of folks here have trouble trying to figure out all the INs and OUTs of Terminal windows, SSH Clients, SSH Servers, SFTP, MC, VI, VIM, XTerm commands, etc

If you've never done all this stuff before, I have empathy for you, really I do. I have bad eyesight and don't type worth a crap, so it is tedious to me at times even if you do have Linux/UNIX experience.

Here's the solution for you Linux non-experts or Noobs.

BEWARE! This gives you FULL Point & Click Instantaneous destructive capabilities!

You will have FULL Root access to your N900 as a drive Letter in Windows.

Ain't no Cryin' in Baseball, remember that. Goes for UNIX too, if you do cry, do it quietly out back...

Very Easy

1) Go to Application Manager, install SSH Client and Server. I don't know if this is in Extras or Extras-testing, or wherever.
2) During install, you will be asked to set the root password, remember this.
3) Install this version of Netdrive from this webpage: Read the page it tells you how to setup to connect a drive letter as SFTP over SSH2.

I set this up on Win 7 in a few minutes.

Drive N: for my N900! Yippeee!

Username will be root
Password will be whatever you set up as

Use the IP address on your LAN for your URL/IP address to connect to.

If this was a help for you, heap some praise on me in the form of the THNAKS BUTTON!

EDIT: I was using Webdrive on my x64 Win 7 because Netdrive doesn't have 64 bit comparability yet(supposedly in a month). The Webdrive is not freeware. I liked it so much I put it on both my 32 and 64 bit systems. You can get it here.

Here's another well reviewed and slightly cheaper option from WebDrive.

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is this the same as connecting to root@ip with winscp?
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yes... but you can work with any prog you want.... examlpe i use totalcmd....

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I use WinSCP at the mo, if i do it as said up above will my N900 show up in My Computer as the drive? And work like e.g my computers C drive? Meaning i just goto my computer, double click n900 drive to open it to view all directories and edit etc so i can access my n900 via my comp instead of a 3rd party app? Thanx
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was really lookin forward to this, but that netdrive is not compatible with x64. is there an altetnative u know of
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This is pretty sweet, because it just places a drive letter in "My Computer" so you work on it just like your "C" drive.

I opened Winrar and just dragged and dropped to the "N" drive.

I was using SecureCRT and SecureFX, but this works a ton more intuitive. Basically makes your N900 "drive" letter almost as nice as a Samba share.
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Originally Posted by dscobsct View Post
was really lookin forward to this, but that netdrive is not compatible with x64. is there an altetnative u know of

Have you tried running in comparability mode. I haven't got around to Win 7 x64 yet.

EDIT: That does indeed suck. It works great on 32 bit Win 7 but not 64 bit. So back to the drawing board.

I'll post back when I find it.

All you 32 bit folks, Party On!

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If you are afraid of the "FULL DESTRUCTIVE CAPABILITIES" you can connect as user instead of root. In fact I would highly recommend doing this as saving stuff to places like MyDocs as root can cause you all worlds of permissions headaches.

However it is slightly more complicated than simply connecting as root, as you need to use x terminal to set the password for user as by default it does not have one. You also need to be root so install rootsh from App manager before you start.

Everything in quotes should be typed MINUS the quotes then press enter afterwards.

Now once rootsh is installed simply open x terminal (pressing Ctrl+Shift+X is the quickest way I find) then type "sudo gainroot". Now type "passwd user" and you will be asked for a new password for user, follow the instructions given. Once done if you get "Password changed" then all went well so you can just close x terminal now, if not then try again, you may have made a typo. If in doubt, close x terminal and start from scratch. The N900 will happily work even if you do not know the password for user and root can always change the user password without you needing to know what it currently is, so there is no worry of getting it wrong (as long as you do not mess up your root password when installing OpenSSH that is).

Once done, follow the instructions as in the first post but instead using user instead of root, and of course the user password you just set. This is far far safer as you cannot damage the root filesystem as user plus the permissions will correctly be set as user for any files you copy over to your N900.

I have not noticed any negative effect of setting a user password on my N900 but as the OS by default expects no password for user, I cannot guarantee something strange wont happen especially after a firmware update. But then you ALWAYS make a backup before a firmware update anyway, don't you!? Of course as long as your N900 boots correctly, you can always remove the password again later by doing the same thing but just leaving the password blank, so it would take a major cockup to cause a problem.

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Here's the same solution for 64 bit users

However, it is Commercial, not Freeware.
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Netdrive is "supposed" to be offering 64 bit Support next month.

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