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Hi all,

since I've updated to PR 1.2 I'm facing some problems with my google account. There seems to be a problem to connect to the server. I can't either download mail nor go online with google talk. Rebooting or deleting and re-adding the account solves the issues for a short time. After a few email downloads it stops working again.

Is anybody having the same problem? I would like to do some debugging. Does anybody know where I could start? What's the name of the service responsible for the account managing? Does it have log files some where?

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I do have this problem from time to time. After a reboot it goes away though until next time. I don't know where to check though. If it continues I think I'll return to the trusty old N900 for my primary phone.
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I'm also having this issue. Rebooting the phone solves it for a while until it happens again. Very annoying.
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I have also had this. In addition, I found that because my gmail was set to 'up to date', it polled the server constantly till the battery died. This is a pain because, while I can use mfe for email, it doesn't show emails past a certain age.
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I've also been trying to log into gmail and it's stuck at "Checking" stage. Since this was my first time logging in, I wasn't sure if it's my connection or some software error, but it seems now others are also having issues.

Rebooting seems to fix it, for now.

A couple of similar threads I found while troubleshooting: [] []

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I have nothing to add but a +1, sorry...

N9 has repeatedly stopped updating gmail for a while now, sucks really bad.

Update: i just noticed something strange:

Some of the emails (i'm using threaded view) showed the same (wrong) subject line, which was the subject of one particular older e-mail. I manually deleted that particular e-mail in the normal gmail on my computer, pushed the refresh button on my N9 and it started syncing normally again.

No idea what happened there...

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It's frustrating. We all thought the 1.2 update would solve that, but it didn't. Now we have to hope 1.3 fixes it
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I'm having this problem since friday, maybe google changed something on server side?

Edit: Contacts and calendar working fine. Removing the account and adding again doesn't solve the problem
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mine is normal,
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I tried that osso-wipe-thing mentioned in the nokia-forum-link above, no luck. Mine was working initially with PR 1.1. I somehow have the feeling that the problem started when I added a google-calendar from another account. Anybody noticed something similar, i.e. is was working and stopped at some point.

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